Bible Study

A New Bible Study Series Offered on Thursdays: 


Our parish will begin a twenty-week study on The Acts of the Apostles: The Spread of the Kingdom, on Thursday, Oct 12, from 6:00- 8:00 PM in Conference Room C.

To register for the study, please visit or call the Parish office.  It’s open to all adult men and women in the parish.

 The Acts of the Apostles provides us more than a history of the First Christians - it is the story about the Early Church with the Holy Spirit as the protagonist. Christ did not leave His Apostles alone - He sent the Holy Spirit to guide, instruct and equip them. Enrich and deepen your faith as you learn how the Apostles continued Christ’s mission on earth through the Power of the Holy Spirit. For more information click here


Sign up for our 2017-2018 Bible Study. Our yearly there is "The Great Adventure Bible Timeline: The Study of Salvation History."

We will read and study 14 books of the Bible, grasping the "big picture" of the Bible. This will help to make more sense of the Sunday readings. Our first meeting is Tuesday, September 12th and cost is $40 to help with any additional group readings and DVDs for the group.

Make checks to St. Paul Church and mail to:

Betty Faricy

1745 Oakmoor Heights 

Col. Springs, CO 80906


What's Happening on Tuesdays? 

It all began back in 1984 with a small band of women who  gathered each Tuesday morning to pray in the Pauline Chapel.

For several years  this faithful group gathered to intercede for family and friends in the  presence of the Eucharist. Then the parish decided that it would begin to use  the Little Rock Scripture Study to encourage parishioners to study the Word of God.

  The women who been gathering for prayer chose to  incorporate this program into their Tuesday morning prayer time… The Tuesday  Morning Scripture Study was born! And continues to this day. Each fall, the  group welcomes new participants(both men and women) as well as “old faithfuls”,  bringing a variety of life experiences to the study table.

If you prefer an evening study, Vincent Onoja will be facilitating a stud from 6-8 pm in Conference room C.  For more info, please contact him at 719-576-9331 or

All are welcome in either study.  No previous bible study experience is required.”


For more information contact Betty Faricy at 576-2357

**Please note that Bible Study does not meet during the summer months**