The Fostering Hope ministry here at St. Paul's has two teams of volunteers who assist and encourage 2 foster families as they care for children and teens in their homes. Last month the teams provided rides to and from medical and therapy appointments, brought meals for the families, provided childcare so the foster parents could attend to their personal appointments, and provided a ministry of presence in the lives of the foster parents. If you are interested in finding out more about the ministry, please contact Barb Lara at (710) 634-8588 or email Barbara.lara@fosteringhopefoundation.org

The responses to CarePortal by St. Paul parishioners continues to be superb, but we can always use more help! Many hands make for a light load! During the month of March, one additional family joined this community effort for a total of 41 parishioners. As you may recall, the mission of CarePortal is to provide goods (clothing, bedding, beds, or even a tank of gas) to enable children to stay out of the Foster Care program and remain with their biological or extended family. For the month of March, CarePortal received 58 requests from the El Paso Country Department of Health Services. St. Paul responded to 13 of the requests, directly assisting 12 children. The estimated value of the responses is $5000. The stories of the recipient's gratitude related to me have included a family being evicted from an apartment through no fault of their own--they didn't have the money for a new apartment's deposit; numerous gas cards were purchased to enable crucial medical appointments to be kept; a new bed was provided for two small children who were sleeping on pallets--all due to the generosity of our St. Paul parishioners. Currently there are 19 other CarePortal Churches here in Colorado Springs fulfilling God's will for those families in need.   You can get further information by going to careportal.org.

Homebound Ministry Updates:

*The Bishop has started an initiative to address getting Communion to those who are in nursing homes and assisted living facilities throughout the diocese. We are pleased to report we have a large number of Catholics that our ministry serves in this area. 

*Home Care Assistance presented at our Ministry retreat, and they have offered ONE free session of Cognitive Therapeutics for a parishioner that we serve through out Ministry. This session will comprise of exercises to improve the brain, which can be affected by cognitive aging. 

*We ordered some Divine Mercy booklets as a request for some parishioners to follow along. If you have people interested, we have them at the Parish Office.


"Just as you did it to one of the least of these, you did it to me." Matthew 25:40  

Social  Concerns Outreach

Did  you know that anyone from our parish can volunteer? Just call or send an email to  Social Concerns Outreach Chairperson, JoAnn Ward at jdward1937@msn.com   (719) 475-7146 for more information.  Our seasonal and ongoing projects are:

Adopt-a-Family:  To  assist those in financial need at Christmas by helping whole families attain  gifts, food and clothing.  Contact:  Lee Jeffers at (719) 964-1909 or leejefferspromo@gmail.com

Care Portal: Works to keep children out of Foster Care by posting short term emergency needs to anyone who has signed up with their email address.  Contact person;  Jim Komadina  at careportalstpaul@gmail.com

Catholic Charities of Central Colorado: Contact to parish of Catholic Charities activities and programs. Attends every other month diocesan meeting and attends SCO meetings. Contact: Judith Nolan, Parish Ambassador at (301) 922-2920 or judithknolan@gmail.com

Catholic  Relief Services (CRS) Operation Rice Bowl:  Each  year, during Lent, our parish participates in Operation Rice Bowl, that calls  us to pray with our families and faith communities; fast in solidarity with  those who hunger; learn more about our global community and the challenges of  poverty overseas; and give sacrificial contributions to those in need.  Contact: Carol Beckman, 527-1384.

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Work of Human Hands Catalog  SalesEach year, during Lent, our parish participates in Operation Rice Bowl, that calls us to pray with our families and faith communities; fast in solidarity with those who hunger; learn more about our global community and the challenges of poverty overseas; and give sacrificial contributions to those in need.  Contact: Carol Beckman, (719) 527-1384 .

Food Pantry: Collects food each week for  Sacred Heart Lord’s Supper, B Street and/or Silver Key Food Pantries and holds a  big Food Drive in November.   (Donations  are accepted in the shopping cart located in the church vestibule.)  Contact: JoAnn Ward 475-7146 or jdward1937@msn.com

Fostering  Hope: A  group that partners with churches to assist foster parents with their  responsibilities regarding children in their care.  St. Paul Parish has "adopted" two families--one that fosters boys and one that fosters girls. Contact: Fran Gleason at fgleason101@msn.com or (719) 576-9729

Funeral Receptions:  Provides  a meal or reception after a funeral held at St. Paul’s.  Please contact JoAnn Ward at (719)475-7146 or jdward1937@msn.com.

Giving Tree: Giving Tree has tags for seniors  that are homebound and children from a neighboring school that are in financial  need. Also included are those we serve in the Fostering Hope Porgram, Seniors Contact:  Alice Munsch at (301) 481-9677 or alice.munsch@gmail.com  ; Fostering Hope Contact: Fran Gleason at (719) 576-9729 or fgleason101@msn.com; Youth Contact:  Jacqueline Lai at (719) 641-0193 or jmlai03@gmail.com

Homebound Ministry:  The Homebound Ministry visits people  in health care facilities or private homes within the parish boundaries to  bring Holy Communion and helps arrange a monthly Mass, Confessions and/or  Anointing of the Sick.   For information contact: Alice Munsch at (301) 481-9677 or alice.munsch@gmail.com 

Meals Ministry This ministry provides meal to  families or individuals during times of crisis. Contact: Fran Gleason at (719) 576-9729 or at fgleason101@msn.com

Respect  Life/Life Support Center:  Collects items such as diapers,  food, blankets and other things to meet the primary needs of families for the  Life Support Center, Catholic Charities of Central Colorado. Provides information  regarding respect life issues. (Donations are accepted in the playpen located  on the east side of the church vestibule and at the annual Baby Shower in the spring)   Contact: Bernadette Johnston at (719)576-1140 or johnstonbernadette63@gmail.com

Soup Kitchen:  The Marian  House Soup Kitchen, Catholic Charities of Central Colorado, feeds between 450  and 700 people a hot nutritious lunch each day.   St. Paul’s is responsible for providing volunteers between 7:00 a.m. and  1:30 p.m. on the 1st, 3rd, and 4th Thursdays there are 5  in the month.  Contact: Nancy Daly at (719) 635-7087  or nsjadaly@comcast.net

Westside  CARES:  An agency where St. Paul Parish  joins neighboring churches to assist those in financial need.  Several activities throughout the year take place, including two prayer services, volunteer help at the center, food pantries, Thanksgiving Baskets, Fundraising Dinner and Breakfast, July School Supply collection, Adopt-A-Family at Christmas, etc. Contact: Lee Jeffers, Lay Representative, at (719) 964-1909 or leejefferspromo@gmail.com

"What a benefit to be in a community where each single person participates in the good done by all the members." ~St. Vincent De Paul