Church environment

The St. Paul Church Altar Society

Altar Care


The Altar Society supports the  everyday needs of the altar and surrounding environment. In addition, the ladies  of the altar society provide time and talent for receptions, funeral meals, and  other events in the parish.

The  St. Paul altar care group is in the church every friday at 9:00  a.m. To prepare the altar for the coming week. This group is Responsible  for planning the altar decor, implementing the plans by purchasing flowers, Fabrics  and any other items needed to carry out the decor plan., polishing brass, Changing  holy water, planning for major holidays in the church, and coordinating the Floral donation program. Members always work in  pairs or more.



Open to all the women of the church  and dues are five dollars per year collected at the September Meeting and after  masses in sept. By becoming a member you will be supporting the altar and environment  at St. Paulsʼ and helping to build community in our parish.


If  you wish to donate flowers for the altar to honor a loved one , celebrate an anniversary  or birthday, the cost is $40.00. Checks should be turned in to the church office  at least ten days in advance of the event. Notice can be printed in the church bulletin.

Casserole and Candles

The  St. Paul Altar Society hosts a yearly casserole sale in the fall to benefit the  altar.  Instructions  can be found below. Along with the casserole sale the ladies of the weekly altar  group sell handmade candles made from recycled altar wax. Candles are sold in the  fall along with the casseroles and at the Altar Society Christmas Brunch in the  Julie  Penrose  Hall.

Receptions and Funerals

The  ladies of the St. Paul Altar Society provide their services for receptions and funerals.