Monsignor Messages

2018 Papal Apostolic Exhortation

April 22, 2018

This is the 4th Sunday of Easter, also known as Good Shepherd Sunday. The Gospel this Sunday is from St. John. Jesus proclaims Himself to be the Good Shepherd. The other readings today reflect the same theme. Jesus came to us to lead and guide us to a better way of life.

In the first reading from the Acts of the Apostles, Peter-- in the name of Jesus cures-- a crippled man. Of course, the leaders of the community are suspicious of this miracle and challenge Peter and the other apostles. Peter reminds them that it was because of Jesus, who they had put to death by crucifixion, that they are capable of redemption. Salvation and healing is offered to all who believe in the Risen Christ. Jesus is referred to as the stone rejected by the builders. The Jewish leaders--who are the builders of the community--reject Jesus and his teachings. God raised Jesus who now becomes the cornerstone for all who believe.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd who gathers His sheep. He is the source of our salvation and healing. Jesus commanded the apostles to go out and gather the lost and forsaken. In their quest to expand and share the faith, the apostles would, too, continue to suffer and be condemned by community leaders because of their faith.

In our second reading from I John, we are reminded that we belong to Christ, and, as children of God, we are to model our lives after Christ. The Gospel of John also talks about Jesus as our Good Shepherd. In the time of Jesus the shepherds were supposed to be leaders, while the kings, priests, and prophets were to facilitate justice and right relationships with God and others. Jesus knows us in an intimate way and offers us His loving care and guidance. He gave His entire life for us, and we need to respond by our actions of love and faith with others. People should come to experience God in us through our words and actions. One day we shall all be one flock.

~ Msgr. Bob

Bishop Michael Sheridan and Msgr. Bob Jaeger invite you to join them on a spectacular pilgrimage cruise along the Danube River October 31-November 10, 2018. The ship will travel through Germany, Austria, Slovak Republic and Hungary. Extensions are available to continue into other countries.

There is a limited number of cabins available for our group, so early registration is requested to get the type of room you desire.

Ongoing information will also be provided in The Catholic Herald.

Additional add-on destinations: Prague, Czech Republic, or Krakow and Czestechowa, Poland. 

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