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 Dear Parents,

Dear 8th grade parents,

The final 8th grade retreat is coming up. Confirmandi are only expected to attend one retreat a year; however, those who went to an earlier retreat are welcome to attend this one too. 

We'll meet in the JPH at the Church on Saturday March 3rd at 10:00. (I am not asking parents or sponsors to attend.) We'll have talks, prayers, confession and activities throughout the day. We'll have pizza for lunch, and end by going to the 5:00 PM Mass. 

There is no cost, but I do need registration forms by Wednesday Feb. 28th. 

Here is the link for the permission slip. 

Blessings, Fr. Nathaniel


PS Below is a list of all the remaining Sunday night classes as well as dates for the remaining retreats.
February 25
March 11
April 8
April 22
May 6

May 12 Confirmation!

City-wide Middle School Rally Feb. 17-18
8th grade Retreat at St Paul’s Mar 3rd 10am to 6pm


The Bishop has officially published the confirmation schedule. Our Confirmation mass will be at St Paul’s on Saturday May 12th at 5:00PM. 

It will be a day to celebrate! I would encourage all our 7th grade families to attend; it is helpful for students to see what they are preparing for. 

Getting together with relatives and friends during the holiday season is a good time to seriously consider who will be confirmation sponsors.

Sponsors can be pivotal in helping a confirmation candidate grow in faith, both now and throughout life. Attached is a PDF form that you should read and then give to whomever you want to be your sponsor.





Confirmation Sponsor Declaration of Eligibility

2017-2018 Confirmation Schedule (UPDATED AUG. 25TH)

Activity Release Forms

Permission Slip

2017-2018 Registration

Confirmation Service Log

Sponsor Form

Youth *Elife




 Students are confirmed in 8th grade. Each student must have at least two years of Confirmation Preparation before being confirmed, so students begin Confirmation preparation at the beginning of 7th grade. We meet on the 2nd and 4th Sundays after the 5:30 pm Mass.


High School E*Life: High school students meet to learn faith topics, discuss issues they deal with on a daily basis, and grow as a community. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Sundays after the 5:30 pm Mass

12.3.2017 Youth Ministry Update: IMPORTANT DATES

Classes:                                                                      Retreats:

December 10                                            Citywide middle school rally: Feb. 17-18, 2018

January 28, 2018: The Bishop will be speaking        8th grade retreat at St. Paul's on March 3

February 11 & 25                                                          Parish Faith Nights:

March 11                                                                  Jan 20th & Feb. 23rd

April 8 & 22

May 6

May 12: Confirmation 

Please contact Fr. Nathaniel for more information.