St. Paul Catholic Church 

The history of St. Paul Catholic Church begins with the Pauline Chapel (pictured above in 1918) and its construction in 1918. It was originally built as a “rest” chapel for the use of Broadmoor hotel guests. In 1925, the chapel became the focal point of a new parish and was designated as St. Paul Catholic Church, becoming part of the Diocese of Denver on November 15, 1925.

Fr. Louis Hagus, the first native Coloradoan to be ordained for the Denver Archdiocese, was the first pastor. He had spent his life assisting in the spiritual building of churches around Colorado, and would serve at St. Paul’s Catholic Church until his death in July of 1935.

Monsignor Michael Harrington, who had served the diocese in Denver, was next assigned to St. Paul’s Catholic Church. He was installed August 5th, 1935, and set out on a mission to increase St. Paul’s community. Under his wing, St. Paul’s went from a parish of 75 families to 425 families. One of his parish family connections included Mrs. Julie Penrose of the Broadmoor estate. The St. Paul’s congregation celebrated in Pauline Chapel (pictured below in 1953), but was only able to accommodate around 160 people.

Through Julie Penrose’s generosity, a vision for a new church and adjoining Catholic school began. The Pauline Memorial School opened in 1955 (groundbreaking of school pictured below), and served over 300 students in Grades K-5. Unfortunately, Julie Penrose passed away in January of 1956, shortly after the school’s opening. She did not live to see the completion of the church. Ground for the new St. Paul’s Catholic Church was broken on October 26th, 1958. The project cost $320,000 and was completed in January of 1960. It was opened to the public and parishoners on February 22, 1960 in a dedication ceremony by Archbishop Vehr. A convent was built in 1961 to house the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati who staffed the school. By 1962 the Pauline Memorial School served students all the way up to 8th grade.

Monsignor Harrington served as head of St Paul’s Catholic Church until 1974. He then served at. St. Paul’s in Emeritus status from 1974 until his death in May of 1986.

The Sisters of Charity Convent was converted into administrative offices and an activities center in 1985, and eventually torn down in 2002 for the creation of the St. Paul Parish Center. The new center includes Julie Penrose Hall, the parish offices, conference rooms, a coffee car, and a Library. The St. Paul Parish Center hosts receptions, fundraisers, and all school and parish events. In 2002, St. Paul Catholic School added a new wing which housed new classrooms, a computer lab, science lab, catechist center and a new gym.


Pastoral History:

Fr. Louis Hagus 1925-1935

Monsignor Michael Harrington 1935-1974

Fr. Theodore Haas who served from 1974 to 1984.

Fr. Robert Mann was St. Paul's served from 1984 to 1987.

Fr. John Slattery served as pastor pro-tem from 1987 to 1989 until a permanent pastor could be found.

Fr. Thomas Currier served from 1989 until 1992.

Fr. Jerry Kelleher served from 1992 until February 1996.

Fr. John Auer served 1996-2008.

Our Current Pastor is Monsignor Robert Jaeger 2008-present.