Altar Server Training Manual



Updated Altar Server Training Manual (September 2, 2020)


  1. Cover Sheet (Updated Information 9/2/2020)
  2. Index - (Updated Information 9/2/2020) See Tab #5 for updates: Altar Servers Modified Procedures for Masses During COVID-19 Pandemic
  3. Things to Know and Master – A review of the basics of Altar Serving, Appearance, posture, Genuflection, bowing, etc. 
  4. Order of Mass (Sunday) and Duties of an Altar Server.  Details of the Sunday Mass and respective Altar Server Duties.  Changes are highlighted in Red.
  5. Order of the Daily Mass. Details of the Daily Mass and respective Altar server duties. Changes are highlighted in Red.
  6. Sacred Objects (Vessels, Books, and Linens) pictures and descriptions of the basic sacred objects at St Paul to be known by Altar Servers.
  7. COVID-19 Procedures - New 9/2/2020
  8. Change Summary - New 9/2/2020