Fostering Hope

Do YOU have an interest in supporting a deserving foster parent and positively impacting the lives of foster youth?

At Fostering Hope, our mission is to affirm and support foster parents as they care for abused and neglected children. We partner with St. Paul parish and other local faith communities to create teams of volunteers. These teams provide relational and practical support by wrapping around the foster parents and kids like an extended family of loving aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins.

Fostering Hope teams practically support their foster families in various ways: providing occasional meals, transportation to appointments, childcare, tutoring, household chores or even minor repairs if needed. These simple supports can lighten foster parent’s stressful load and help prevent burnout.  Relationally, attending a child’s sporting event to cheer them on, teaching a new hobby, or helping celebrate their birthday can be very meaningful. Most of all, the friendship and emotional support team members give to foster parents encourages and strengthens them to continue in their calling to care for the most vulnerable children of our community.

 St. Paul parish has been partnering with the Fostering Hope ministry to serve foster families in the Pikes Peak Region community since 2011. Throughout that time, St. Paul has served multiple foster families and currently has two teams of volunteers who assist and encourage two foster families as they care for children and teens in their homes. 

To find out more about the ministry, please contact Tami Olivares at (719) 301-9631 or email [email protected]