Fostering Hope

Fostering Hope thanks St. Paul parish for allowing the annual Fall Festival to be held at the Julie Penrose Hall on Saturday, October 20th. We appreciate the support St. Paul gives as we offer the children in foster care a safe place to have fun and participate in activities they may never have had before in their lives. Thank you!!


Very soon, the youth in the two foster homes St. Paul assists will head back to school. Family schedules will fill up and foster parents will be pulled in all directions in getting their kids to the various places they need to be. Our two teams are great about lessening the stress for both the foster parents and the youth as they pitch in to get the teens to their destinations. While this might seem small and insignificant, the help is very much valued by the foster family. If you have an interest in supporting a deserving foster parent and positively impacting the lives of foster youth, please contact Barb Lara at the information below. 

Our Parish is currently looking to expand to a third group of volunteers to help even more foster parents. If you are interested or would like to know how to be involved, please contact Fran Gleason at (719) 576-9729 or email at [email protected]

The Fostering Hope ministry here at St. Paul's has two teams of volunteers who assist and encourage two foster families as they care for children and teens in their homes. This month our teams helped a great deal in furnishing rides for the foster youth to their therapy appointments and rides home from summer school. One of the teams also took two of the boys to YMCA camp. Both teams continue to provide a great deal of emotional support and encouragement to the foster parents. If you are interested in finding out more about the ministry, please contact Barb Lara at (719) 634-8588 or email [email protected]