Monthly Ministry Highlight

Looking for a way to put your Faith In Action?  Over the next several months, we will be highlighting many of the St. Paul Parish ministries.  Take a look to discover the many ways we serve each other and our community, and how you can help.


Purpose of the ministry:   We are support for foster families that the organization, Fostering Hope, identifies for us.  We work with a coordinator from FH who facilitates our monthly meetings with just the foster care parents regarding their needs over a one-month period. 

Tasks of the ministry's members: It differs from family to family but mostly we drive the foster care kids to and from counseling appointments, pick them up from school, and take them to jobs and visits with their biological parent(s).  

Any special skills that are helpful or required:  A good driving record, be able to pass a background check, and compassion and willingness to listen to the foster care parents as well as the kids.  

Time commitment of members: As much or as little as you can.  We meet once a month for an hour with the foster care Mom, the coordinator from Fostering Hope, and other team members.  We go over the foster care parent’s monthly schedule and team members sign up for what they can assist with. Occasionally something comes up during the month where the FH coordinator will send out an email asking for assistance.

Particular needs at the current time:  We currently have 2 teams from St. Paul that are working with FH and one team is short a team member.  FH would also like to put together a third team.  

How the ministry serves our parish community and/or greater Colorado Springs community:

This question might best be answered by the foster families that we help but by our helping these families we provide respite for the parents who have so much on their plates with all that is involved with being a foster parent.  We get to know the kids in the program and are able to be a trusted adult in their lives. Even if it's briefly, they have met someone with whom they were able to experience a trusted relationship.  

Other needs besides volunteers:  prayers


Contact information: Fran Gleason, [email protected], Home number - 719/576-9729 and cell 719/459-6497.  The Fostering Hope Coordinator is Tami Olivares at [email protected].  Her number is 719/301-9631.


*If you would like to have a ministry highlighted in our bulletin, website and app, please contact Evon Peterson – 719-651-3503 or [email protected]