Monsignor Messages

January 9, 2022

This weekend we celebrate the Baptism of the Lord. In our first reading Isaiah, the prophet, tells the people of the comfort and joy that is to be expected from God. Imagine the excitement of the people of Israel. Their pain, suffering and misery will be over. This certainly is a boost in the morale of all the people. God has not abandoned his covenant with the people of Israel: “Comfort, give comfort to my people.” Jesus has come into our lives to bring us God’s Word. Jesus is the Word. Out call is to listen to the Word and respond by putting it into action in our lives. Living what we believe.

In St. Paul’s letter to Titus he reaffirms that Jesus came to save all of us. There is an expectation on those who are faithful and believe as to how to live and treat each other during our journey of life. God continues to manifest his graces to us through the power of the Holy Spirit which is poured out to us through the sacrifice of Jesus. We are called to live temperately, justly, and devoutly. We place our faith, hope and trust in Jesus and heirs to eternal life.

Luke’s Gospel speaks of John the Baptist. He preaches repentance of sin. People seek John out for the baptism, forgiveness of their sins. Many wonder if he might be the Messiah. John proclaims his message to all, both Jews and Gentiles. He clearly tells them one mightier than he will come and baptize not with just water, but with the Holy Spirit and fire. Jesus comes forward for baptism by John signifying the importance and continuity between John’s ministry and his which is about to begin. Even a voice from heaven confirms who Jesus is “You are my beloved Son…” All these signs and wonders given to us to confirm our faith in Jesus Christ.

As we move forward into this New Year may we renew our faith and trust in Jesus and in the abundance of his love. God Bless!

~ Msgr. Jaeger