Parish Faith Night


Our first Parish Faith Night was on Sunday September 22. It was a "how to" for Adoration. Father Fitz gave a presentation and then walked everyone through a short adoration. This evening was planned to prepare our parishioners and families to start attending adoration, especially our Family Adoration on October 20th.

Please visit our photo gallery to see photos from the evening.

Visit our Family Adoration page for more information on the event along with additional resources. 


2019/2020 Parish Faith Night Dates

  • Sunday, September 22, after the 5:30 Mass and ending at 8pm, Theme: A "How To" for Adoration.

  • Sunday, November 17, after the 5:30 Mass and ending at 8pm, Theme: Angels

  • Sunday, January 26, after the 5:30 Mass and ending at 8pm, Theme: Parable Jeopardy

  • Friday, March 13, KofC Fish Dinner followed by Living Stations of the Cross, Theme: Lent

    Invites and more information will go out about 2-3 weeks before the event. Please contact Evelyn Cedrun at (719) 219-2704 or [email protected] with any questions.


Our Parish Faith Nights will guide individuals and families as they strengthen and grow in their faith. We will learn practices that carry over into our every day lives. These events are for all St. Paul Parishioners: young, old, single, married, & families..... Come grown in faith and strengthen our parish community!