Pray Prodigals Home Prayer Group

Praying Prodigals Home is a very informal prayer group that meets on the 3rd Sunday of each month, usually in conference room B, at 9:30 (conveniently between the 8 and 10:30 Sunday Masses).  We pray a version of the rosary and other prayers that are focused on bringing family members and friends back to practicing their Catholic faith.   We pass a prayer basket around to insert and draw out first names of those whom we would like the group to especially pray for during the month.  There are no offerings, no snacks, no volunteer activities, no RSVPs and no homework for attendees.  Walk-ins are welcome.  Come experience the power of group prayer! 

Our next meeting will be on Sunday, November 21st

This is a diocesan-wide prayer group and each August, Bishop Sheridan offers a special Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral on the feast day of St Monica, the mother of St Augustine, a former prodigal.  The Mass is followed by snacks and a talk in the cathedral basement.