Returning God's Gifts 2020

Join Saint Paul's Returning God's Gifts final push to January 31st. 

Your $40 contribution results in a return $32,924.40 check from the Diocese to the Parish. 

Click here to contribute and take care to select "St. Paul Parish, Colorado Springs.

We can do this!


Returning God's Gifts 2020 Update as of 8/22/2020:

Goal:  $164,622

Amount Pledged:  $99,579.90 

182 of 756 Parish registrations have pledged (24.07%)

Amount Collected:  $88,983.34

Amount Remaining:  $75,638.66


Diocese Returning God's Gifts 2020 Update as of 7/31/2020:

Amount Pledged - 79.36%

Amount Paid - $65.95%

Goal - $2.85 Million

See Seminarian Thomas Pressley's testimony to how he and his fellow seminarians benefit directly from your Returning God's Gifts (RGG)participation.  If you have yet to contribute to RGG or can to contribute more please click here or mail a check or place one in the offertory with RGG in the memo line.

Thank you in advance, let's take care of our future Priests!


Dear Saint Paul Family,

As we kickoff 2020's Returning God's Gifts (RGG) campaign, let me first thank those who put Faith in Action and participated in the 2019 campaign.  I am happy to report: we reached our goal! By doing so, we will receive $31,540 to put towards Parish projects such as school supplies, campus security, and resurfacing our parking lot.  Thank you for your participation!

Now on to RGG 2020.  As the Bishop says in the video, this campaign directly supports the education of seminarians, our school, parish projects, and assisting the needy.  In short, this campaign defines us as Christians and is worthy of 100% participation.

By my count, we have 50 new contributors over the previous year.  This leaves 450 who have yet to participate.  Over the next 12 months (or sooner please), I ask each of you who have never contributed to RGG to find at least $100 to give.  If you can do that much, and the rest do the same or more than before, we will meet our goal in short order to support these causes, which in turn directly support us.

If you ever have questions about RGG, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you,



2020 Returning God's Gifts from Dio of CO Springs-StewDev on Vimeo.


As of 6/24/2020, Returning God's Gifts 2020 has raised  77.47% of the goal in gift intentions totaling $2,207,754.66.

Thank you to everyone who has generously donated!