Stewardship Reflection

January 17, 2021

"Faith in Action Idea of the Week": Ten Commandments + Beatitudes + 2 Peter 1:5-7 = Faith In Action!

Our readings today focus on the vital attributes of being a disciple of Christ.

The Gospel of John portrays these attributes as he bears witness to Jesus’ first disciples. Upon seeing Jesus, John proclaims, “Behold, the Lamb of God.” The lamb is a reference to the Jewish sacrificial offering at Passover and reveals Jesus as Savior.  Once the two that were with John heard this, they immediately followed Jesus. Jesus turned to them and asked, “What are you looking for?” They responded with, “Rabbi, where are you staying?”

Imagine Jesus asking you, “What are you looking for?" We might respond with answers like a better job, more kids, retirement, or any number of things that we think will make our lives better. The things we seek may be righteous, but as disciples of Christ, we should first and foremost seek the Kingdom of God.  If we strive to respond to Jesus’ question in the same way the first disciples responded, essentially by asking, “Where are you, Lord?”  then we will not be disappointed with the outcome.

Our story of Jesus’ first disciples concludes with Andrew intentionally sharing the Good News of Christ to his brother Simon Peter. Andrew had the gift of meeting the Lord and did not hoard it to himself.  Instead, he sought his brother and proclaimed what he had experienced, which serves as a reminder for us. Our calling is to be missionary disciples to seek the Lord and share what we have found. Our faith is a gift! We should strive to share this gift with others.


Marian House Kitchen Volunteers Needed

As Catholic Charities transitions meal services to focus more on working poor and vulnerable families, seniors, and people with disabilities, it was the right time to drop soup from our name. So for now, we will be known as the Marian House Kitchen.

Shifts Monday through Sunday, 7:00am – 9:45am food prep, 9:45am – 1:15pm food service or a full day option of 7:00am – 1:15pm. For more information call the Volunteer Office Help Desk at 719-866-6559 or email: [email protected] or visit


Client Services Intake Volunteers Needed

Shifts 10:30am – 1:00pm. Volunteers needed for Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Duties include greeting guests, providing basic service information and creating ID cards. For more information call the Volunteer Office Help Desk at 719-866-6559 or email: [email protected]